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18 Dec 2012
san bernardino computer repair shops will tell you they're certain there loads of you out there who no longer own a desktop computer simply because you have switched over to laptops, but desktop computers are still desirable to many. Something you need to understand is that laptop computers are somewhat limited as a result of their size, which is one of the reasons people prefer desktops. Something which has become very popular these days are the all in one desktop computer systems which no longer have to have a separate tower. The Asus ET2410IUTS-B044C 23.6-Inch Desktop is just one of the all in one computers that are currently available and also what we will be examining in this article. san bernardino computer repair will tell you the computer tower is a thing of the past with regards to this computer system mainly because everything is integrated all into one, hence the term all in one. What this means is that the monitor for this computer has all of the technologies built into it that you would normally find in a traditional computer tower. The monitor itself is 23.6 inches in size which is actually a huge type of a monitor for any type of computer on the market right now. Not only is all the technology built directly into this monitor, but you may possibly also be happy to find out that the monitor itself is actually a touch screen. This computer in addition has a 500 GB hard drive which is going to offer you a lot of room for saving your media files, as storage space is very important to many individuals. Many folks comprehend that the ram of a computer is essential on how the computer will operate and you might be surprised to see that this has 6 GB of ram. You're additionally going to see that this has a built in multi DVD drive, for individuals who might be worried that this wasn't included. At the top center of the monitor you're additionally going to find a web cam that has been integrated into this device making it an extremely complete sort of system. And as you are most likely not going to want to type on the touch screen you'll be glad to understand that they also include a wireless mouse and keyboard with this system. Something which computer repair in san bernardino ca should mention is that simply because this is actually a relatively new product to market today, you are not going to find a lot of reviews about it, actually there's only been one review sent in to Amazon relating to this product. The person who provided the one review on Amazon seriously loves this computer, in fact they gave this the best rating available. A number of you may be wondering just how much this computer is selling for and pc repair in San Bernardino ought to point out that it can be obtained from Amazon for $930. Amazon even pays the shipping costs if you choose to order this from their website. If an all in a single desktop is just not heading to operate for yourself phone a computer repair in san bernardino ca store and acquire a customized laptop built. Test out here to see what shops we recommend.


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