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18 Dec 2012
computer repair in san bernardino shops will tell you that although many people have been moving on over to using laptop computers, you are going to find a vast amount of people that still prefer their desktop computers. While laptop computers are fantastic for mobility, desktop computers will usually have more technological innovation integrated into them. One of the most popular types of computers coming on the market right now are the all in one computers, and this is primarily due to the reality that you do not need to find room for a computer tower on your desk. If you're interested in a new desktop computer and you're searching for an all in one product you many want to look into the Asus ET2410IUTS-B044C 23.6-Inch Desktop. san bernardino computer repair will tell you the computer tower is really a thing of the past when it comes to this computer system simply because everything is integrated all into one, hence the term all in one. Rather than a computer tower you're going to see that the computer monitor which comes with this system has everything crafted in to the monitor itself. The monitor is almost 24 inches in size making this one of the largest monitors which you will find available with computers these days. Not only is all the technology built directly into this monitor, but you may possibly also be glad to find out that the monitor itself is actually a touch screen. This computer additionally has a 500 GB hard drive which will provide you with plenty of room for saving your media files, as storage space is very important to many folks. You may also be pleasantly surprised to figure out that this has 6 GB of ram, making it super easy to multitask and play online games. You're additionally going to find that the multi DVD drive available with this device provides you with more storage space because you can record directly onto DVD's. For those of you could be wondering you're not going to have to buy a separate web cam for this product as it has a built in webcam right on the front of the monitor. Even though this is really a touch screen computer system, you are going to most likely be pleased to find out that as a bonus they will include a wireless keyboard and mouse that you can use with this computer. Many individuals go to Amazon to read reviews about a product before purchasing, but pc repair in San Bernardino should point out that there's only one review at the moment about this product on Amazon simply because it is so new. With regards to the one review on Amazon about this product computer repair in san bernardino ought to mention that this person actually gave this the highest rating possible on Amazon. Some of you might be wondering how much this computer is selling for and san bernardino computer repair should point out that it can be bought from Amazon for $930. Amazon even pays the shipping charges if you choose to purchase this from their internet site. If an all in one desktop just isn't going to operate in your case simply call a computer repair in san bernardino ca shop and get a tailor made pc designed. Examine out here to discover what outlets we recommend.


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